• Expanded metal sheet side view
  • Decorative expanded metal mesh for interior ceiling decoration
  • Expanded metal facade is used to decorate the exterior walls of buildings.
  • Expanded metal installed on the ceiling of subways

Expanded Metal Sheet - Rigid, Versatile and Durable

Expanded metal sheet with various styles and different materials is widely seen in our daily life. As a professional expanded metal sheet manufacturer, we can supply you all kinds of expanded metal sheets for you. Different materials of expanded metal sheet, such as steel expanded metal sheet, aluminum expanded metal sheet and stainless steel expanded metal sheet have different characters to be used in different applications. The different fabrications of expanded metal sheet make the surface be smooth and raised to suit different applications.

Expanded metal sheet has a wide range of applications in private and public applications. With various colors, durable life and high security properties, the expanded metal sheet is more and more accepted by our customers.


  • Architectural interior partitions and barriers/ceilings
  • Architectural for a building facade
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Security fence
  • Window, door, and skylight guards
  • Walkways, mezzanines, catwalks, stairways, and ramps
  • Expanded metal infill panels used in all industries
  • Cab/Truck dividers
  • Anti-Slip flooring such as maintenance platforms and billboard platforms
  • Machine guards

Used as ceiling
Expanded metal ceiling has a wide range of applications for ceilings in building interiors. The material's light weight, combined with its prominent structured appearance, opens up new design avenues to create an impressive look even in backlit conditions.

Expanded metal ceiling for interior decoration on ceilings

Used as EMI/RFI shielding
Copper expanded metal sheet is mainly used in high voltage laboratories, which can reflect or absorb part of the energy of EMI/RFI waves, depending on the steel grating mesh size, shape, thickness and other factors.

Copper expanded metal sheet in high pressure laboratories

Used as building facade
Expanded metal facade can be used for building facade decoration, ventilation, and safety materials, thus improving the style, light transmission, anti-slip, and higher safety of the building.

Expanded metal facade installed on the outside of the building

Used as decorative mesh
Decorative expanded metal mesh with beautiful, bright surface and durable life is widely used for interior and exterior of buildings for wall, ceiling, windows and surface decorations.

Aluminum expanded metal sheets are covering the surface of building.

Used as security gratings
The raised expanded metal sheet with slightly raised surface has outstanding anti-slip performance to be used in the walkways, platforms, stairs, ramps and scaffolds gratings.

Expanded metal sheets are installed on the spiral stairs.

Used as railing
Decorative expanded metal mesh has the characteristics of ventilation, light permeability, anti-slip, anti-corrosion and beauty, which can improve the safety and beauty of the building.

Decorative expanded metal mesh for safety and decoration of fence

If you can't find the right expanded metal product in our inventory, you can contact us. Our expert staff consists of sales personnel, architects, engineers, designers, and other metal professionals who will work hard to bring your custom design to life. We can take your detailed cad drawings and create print take-off lists to assist with your project.

Hot Products

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A piece of stainless steel raised expanded metal sheet on the blue background. Boegger

Raised Expanded Metal Sheet

Raised expanded metal sheet with anti-slip surface and high security is widely used as grating and security fences in private or public applications.

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A piece of galvanized expanded metal sheet on the white background. Boegger

Steel Expanded Metal Sheet

Steel expanded metal sheet with galvanized or PVC coated surface is widely used in the protective, decorative and office organizing applications.

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Green expanded metal security fences are installed on the highway. Boegger

Expanded Metal Security Fence

Expanded metal security fence can be used in highway, city road, residences and factories to protect people, site and machine security.

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Green expanded metal mesh is surrounding an area with several cartons in it. Boegger

Expanded Metal Isolation Fence

Expanded metal isolation fence with various colors and durable life is widely used in the factories and city road to separate some functional areas.

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A piece of expanded metal sheet on the black background.

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