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High Voltage Lab Floor Construction Project in Mexico

In high voltage laboratories, electrostatic and electromagnetic interference may adversely affect experimental results. Therefore, in order to guarantee the safety of laboratory equipment and personnel, as well as to ensure the accuracy and precision of experimental results, measures must be taken for interference shielding. Among other things, it is very important to establish a grounding system.

After discussions with the largest power transformer manufacturer in North America, we decided to lay expanded metal sheets on the laboratory floor to meet the design requirements of high shielding efficiency and low grounding resistance performance. To provide better electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding performance, we chose 99.99% oxygen-free pure copper as the raw material.

Each layer of expanded metal sheet needs to be stacked and welded to form a whole. Therefore, we recommended choosing panels with a size of 1 m × 2 m to make installation easier. After 2 months of communication, we successfully delivered the materials on time.

Packing Steps

Copper expanded metal sheets on cardboard box
Step 1: Pack copper expanded metal sheets in carton box.
Wrap the perimeter of the carton with bubble film Step 2: Wrap the carton with bubble film.
Wrap the perimeter of the carton with black bubble film
Step 3: Wrap black bubble film around the outer layer of white bubble film.
Final packing in wooden box and strapping with packing tapes Step 4: Finally pack the sheets in wooden box and tie the box with packing tapes.

Feedback From Project Leaders

The copper metal sheet was installed on our test floor, to which we added a PCC (cement) layer with a layer of epoxy, which was used to improve durability and corrosion resistance performance of the copper steel mesh.

In this project, about 125–130 pieces of copper metal sheets were used and welded together to form one piece, which acted as a filter to avoid interference in the measurement of electrical parameters during the testing of transformers. The materials supplied by your company were of high quality and therefore of great help in accomplishing the desired work.

Thank you and your team for all the support and time to make this request possible.

Installation monitoring video of copper expanded metal sheet
Copper expanded metal sheet installation
Add PCC work to the top of the copper expanded metal sheet PCC work
Apply an epoxy coating to the concrete floor
Epoxy coating
The finished installation of floor in lab Finished installation of floor in lab

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