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Professional Expanded Metal Sheet Supplier

In the fast developing 16 years, we are keen on high quality products, enthusiastic service and well-deserved reputation. Our products and our company have widely accepted by our customers from all over the world.

Our main products are various expanded metal sheet, including stainless steel expanded metal sheet, aluminum expanded metal sheet, raised expanded metal sheet. These expanded metal sheets are used in various applications, such as wall decorations, security fencing, office supplies, gratings, grilles and so on.

Let me introduce what we can supply for you.

A piece of galvanized raised expanded metal sheet on the gray background.

All Kinds of Products

  • Three different materials of expanded metal sheets.
  • Two fabrications of expanded metal sheets.
  • Suit more than ten applications.
Two workers are operating the expanded metal machine.

Advanced Equipment

  • Expanding machine supplies even and standard hole patterns.
  • Stretching machine supplies accurate sizes.
  • Rolling machine supplies smooth and tidy surface.
A hand is measuring expanded metal sheet using micrometer.

Strict inspection

  • Accurate measurement tools for exactly right sizes.
  • Quantity confirmation avoid inadequate numbers.
  • Package inspection for goods intact protection.
Several pallet of expanded metal sheets in the warehouse.

Large warehouse

  • Large warehouse for sufficient standard stocks.
  • Clean warehouse for perfect condition of products.
  • Clear partitions for easy searching and loading.
Four people are putting the hands together.

Professional sales team

  • Pre-sales persons explain your puzzles to the products.
  • Sales representatives supply all details of products.
  • After-sales teams solve all your problems.