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Expanded Metal Dehydrator & Drying Rack with Good Ventilation, Durable

The tray in the dehydrator and the drying racks of food, vegetables, fruits, herbs or some other things can be made of expanded metal and plastic. Compared with plastic trays and drying racks, expanded metal dehydrator and drying racks with many advantages: first, expanded metal dehydrator and drying racks does not contain harmful substances and harmless to human health; second, it is very easy to clean stains; third, expanded metal dehydrator trays with the features of good ventilation and high temperature resistance, and it is durable with longer lifespan. So it is very suitable for drying food, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and so on.

A expanded metal drying rack with wooden frame.
DDR-01: Expanded metal drying rack.
A dehydrator with expanded metal tray.
DDR-02: Expanded metal dehydrator.

Features of expanded metal dehydrator & drying racks

  • No harmful substances, no harm to human health.
  • Good ventilation and heat dissipation.
  • high temperature resistance, anti-rust, anti-corrosion.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Stable and durable, can be use for a long time.

Applications of expanded metal dehydrator & drying racks

Expanded metal can be used as drying racks to dry fruits, vegetables, herbs, food and something else or as tray and fan guarding in dehydrator.

Expanded metal as drying racks with wood frame to dry wool.
DDR-03: Expanded metal as wool drying racks.
Expanded metal as drying racks t dry plum.
DDR-04: Expanded metal as plum drying racks.
Expanded metal as tray to put pepper on it in dehydrator.
DDR-05: Expanded metal as tray in dehydrator.
A dehydrator opened the back cover with a expanded metal fan guarding in it.
DDR-06: Expanded metal as fan guarding in dehydrator.

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