Completed Products of Expanded Metal Sheet

A piece of stainless steel raised expanded metal sheet on the blue background.

Raised Expanded Metal Sheet

Raised expanded metal sheet with anti-slip surface and high security is widely used as grating and security fences in private or public applications.

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A piece of galvanized flattened expanded metal sheet on the blue background.

Flattened Expanded Metal Sheet

Flattened expanded metal sheet with smooth and safe surface is widely used as storage basket, safety gate, furniture and shelves in our daily life.

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A cylindrical filter made of micro expanded metal is in the picture.

Micro Expanded Metal

Micro expanded metal is widely used as filter, screening and covering in medical, automotive industries with good ventilation, filter and protect properties.

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A piece of galvanized expanded metal sheet on the white background.

Steel Expanded Metal Sheet

Steel expanded metal sheet with galvanized or PVC coated surface is widely used in the protective, decorative and office organizing applications.

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A piece of raised aluminum expanded metal sheet on the blue background.

Aluminum Expanded Metal Sheet

Aluminum expanded metal with light weight, various colors and solid structure is widely used in the decorative and protective applications.

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A piece of stainless steel expanded metal sheet on the gray background.

Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Sheet

Stainless steel expanded metal sheet with high temperature and corrosion resistance is widely used in the harsh environment.

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Copper expanded metal used as ceilings of a building.

Copper Expanded Metal Sheet

Copper expanded metal is widely used as stair tread, facade decoration, filter element and protective facilities in the highway, petrochemical and construction.

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A Faraday cage made of copper expanded metal sheet

Copper Expanded Metal Sheet in High Voltage Laboratory

100% copper expanded metal sheet can be used in high voltage laboratory for EMI/RFI/ESD shielding.

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A stair wall is made of decorative expanded metal mesh.

Decorative Expanded Metal Mesh

Decorative expanded metal mesh with stainless steel, aluminum or iron steel materials is widely used as wall cladding, security fence, lampshade or furniture.

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The black color diamond hole expanded metal sheets are installed on the ceiling.

Expanded Metal Ceiling

Expanded metal ceiling with ss or aluminum material, different colors and hole patterns is widely used in buildings for distinguished effects.

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A office building with expanded metal facade and bright window, the lights inside are on.

Expanded Metal Facade

Expanded metal facade is widely used in commercial and civil buildings such as mall, stadium and plant with anti-corrosion, beautiful appearance, ventilation.

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A black round expanded wastebasket on the white background.

Expanded Metal Office Supplies

Expanded metal office supplies, including wastebasket, desk organizer and others make your office life clean, tidy and neat.

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Expanded metal as floor on the terrace.

Interior Decoration

Expanded metal interior decoration is widely used as ceiling, partition, mezzanine, window and stair treads in residence, office, mall or large theater, etc.

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Green expanded metal security fences are installed on the highway.

Expanded Metal Security Fence

Expanded metal security fence can be used in highway, city road, residences and factories to protect people, site and machine security.

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Green expanded metal mesh is surrounding an area with several cartons in it.

Expanded Metal Isolation Fence

Expanded metal isolation fence with various colors and durable life is widely used in the factories and city road to separate some functional areas.

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Expanded metal gratings are installed on the passage way.

Expanded Metal Grating

Expanded metal grating with raised expanded metal mesh has outstanding slip resistance for scaffold, walkway and stair treads.

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An Audi car parking on the ground with hexagonal hole expanded metal car grill on it.

Expanded Metal Grilles

Expanded car grill supplies you beautiful surface and good heat dissipation and the speaker grill can supply you safe internal speaker and clear sound.

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A hand is holding a expanded metal filter tube.

Expanded Metal Filter Element

Expanded metal filter element with rigid and solid structure and chemical stability is widely used for filtering and supporting.

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Several breads on the expanded metal barbecue grill.

Expanded Metal Barbecue Grill

Expanded metal barbecue grill with disposable and recycled types can suit round, rectangular or hexagonal cookers to barbecue all kinds of food.

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A stainless steel expanded metal chimney cap on the white background.

Expanded Metal Chimney Cap

Expanded metal chimney cap with stainless steel, copper or other materials is available for single or multi-flue chimney.

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A roll of galvanized expanded metal brick mesh on the white background.

Expanded Metal Brick Mesh

Expanded metal brick mesh with galvanized, aluminum, low carbon and stainless steel materials is used in plastering constructions for reinforcement.

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A expanded angle corner bead with creased reinforce flange on the gray background.

Expanded Metal Corner Bead

Expanded metal corner bead with stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized materials is widely used in various even or irregular surface of screeding.

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Many corns in the round expanded metal corn cage.

Expanded Metal Corn Cage

Expanded metal corn cage made of red paint coated iron steel sheet has outstanding corrosion and rust resistance performance to store and dry corns.

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Expanded metal infill panels used as partition, one side is the train track, one side is the pedestrian road.

Expanded Metal Infill Panels

Expanded metal infill panels is widely used as fences, handrails and partitions in the residence, garden, stadium and road green belt with beautiful appearance.

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A galvanized expanded metal can is standing beside the beach.

Trash Can

Expanded metal trash can is mainly used in the office, home, school, park, beach, city road and airport with the features of durable, wearable, and beautiful appearance.

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A expanded metal used as cab dividers completely separated from the cab and rear seat.

Cab & Truck Dividers

Expanded metal cab & truck dividers are mainly used as partition in car and truck to divide the cab, rear seat and compartment with high strength, high security and non-slip.

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Yellow expanded metal machine guarding as one side of a mechanical.

Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding is mainly used for all kinds of equipments in factories and processing center with high security, stable structure, anti-corrosion and durable.

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The rain shed from the top of the one way mesh.

DVA Mesh

Aluminum DVA one way vision mesh screen protect the window and door in office or residence with anti-corrosion, anti-theft, privacy protection and pest control.

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Expanded metal gate used in the house, and gabion fences beside the expanded metal gate.

Expanded Metal Gate

Expanded metal gate is widely used in the outdoors such as garden, courtyard, house, driveway and villa with beautiful appearance, anti-rust and high security.

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A expanded metal locker with many kitchen supplies.

Expanded Metal Furniture

Expanded metal tables and chairs in room, park, school, courtyard or street has beautiful appearance, durable and anti-corrosion.

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A part of blue expanded metal platform on the flowing river.

Expanded Metal Bridge

Expanded metal platforms, walkways and handrails on bridge has high strength, high bearing capacity, anti-skid and beautiful appearance.

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A hand tried to use a tool to install the screw on the expanded plaster mesh.

Plaster Mesh

Expanded plaster mesh is widely used for civil building, workshop and warehouse with high strength, flame retardancy, water resistance, good crack resistance.

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Expanded metal as tray to put pepper on it in dehydrator.

Dehydrator & Drying Rack

Expanded metal dehydrator & drying rack is widely used as fruit, herb drying rack and tray in dehydrator with good ventilation, high temperature resistance.

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A trailer opened the door made of expanded metal.

Landscape & Utility Trailers

Expanded metal is used as deck, door, slope, removable sides and toolboxes on landscape or utility trailer with high bearing capacity and high wear resistance.

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